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Our Origin Story

I have always been drawn to a certain aesthetic, even as a small child I would gather rocks and bones in the neighboring field. Tucking them neatly away in shoe boxes under my bed, wary that my mother might find them and make them quickly disappear. Now as an adult (with access to adult money) I still wear black and dye my hair bright colors all while adorning both my house and my skin with macabre and pagan imagery. I was told that I would grow out of this phase, that I would grow up and leave behind that crow mentality of collecting bones and hoarding stones to decorate my cave.

Flash forward and I'm 29 years old, my spouse and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and have booked a trip to visit Asheville, NC. After a long trip we arrive and decide to stroll around downtown and check out some local shops. The first shop we visit is Earth Magick, a small metaphysical supply shop that smelled heavily of lavender and sage. Coming from very conservative towns, I had never been inside a store quite like this one. I tried to contain my excitement as best I could but this shop just radiated positive energy, I ended up buying a preserved fox tail and some new crystals for my mantle back home.


Unbeknown to me that just around the corner we would find another store, this one full of crystals and fossils to discover. As a dinosaur addict the Asheville Gem Mine did not disappoint, the variety of products coupled with the displays and art were a whole new experience for me. Our downtown exploring over that weekend led us to a wide variety of stores containing preserved specimens, fossils, art, crystals, metaphysical supply, and the occult.

Our trip was spectacular and I got to revel, even for a short time, in the things that I didn't normally have access to in my city. The moment I got home I realized I had an opportunity to share this feeling with others in an online setting. There was no reason that I couldn't start my own shop, selling art, skulls, and crystals to people just like me. My love for collecting beauty and oddities could be shared with others through both my website and social media.


I shared this idea with my spouse and he was immediately supportive, he even started actively getting involved in planning and design. This is when I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It would be a risk and the chances of failure would be high, but my passion for this cannot be stomped out that easily.

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