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Image by Sabina Music Rich


We all remember the nostalgic  excitement of finding a new stone as a child, so unlike others we had previously discovered. Maybe seeing that deceased bird devoured slowly by ants near the curb peeked an interest in the dark beauty of life and death. Some enjoyed the crisp sweet dew of the honeysuckle or the pungent bite of the wild onion grass nestled neatly off the sidewalks edge. Nature calls to us all in different ways, begging for us to enjoy her beauty and revel in her many gifts.

Garnet Skull was born from that wild call, that passionate plea to return to the earth and enjoy in the spoils of her body. We want to give that feeling back to you, the excitement of picking out a crystal that calls to one's soul. The thrill of adorning your mantle with dried herbs or displaying neatly articulated skeletons near your altar. We welcome you with open arms for her call has brought you to our shop and we hope you find what your soul is searching for.

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