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As a metaphysical supply shop, we meet a wide variety of people from all walks of life. We are fully inclusive and welcome all religions, paths, and practices as we are not here to judge anyone beliefs or customs. As an inclusive space, we are often asked why we don't carry certain products (such as white sage, dream catchers, voodoo dolls, etc). As people of mainly European descent, we feel that we have no right nor any cultural claim to carry or profit from these products. While some products may overlap into many different religions or customs, we avoid those directly tied to specific groups, religions, tribes, or cultures. We respect all practices, including those who wish to remain closed.

So, what is a closed practice exactly? Close practices refer to those religions, customs, and traditions that are directly tied to familial and cultural communities. There are many misconceptions surrounding closed practices and many feel threatened by the idea of inaccessibility and exclusion of others. But in reality, these practices are not aiming to exclude or discriminate but instead preserve traditions, teachings, and customs that have been passed down through familial and tribal communities. 

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